Sabriu Guest House is a unique experience that offers budget accommodation with many services. Here you will find traditional intertwined with modern. You will be treated like royalty and our traditional Albanian hospitality will make you feel home. We will tell you our secrets to discover our beautiful virgin region. We offer friendly and great ambiance, areas for chill out and a great atmosphere. You will make discoveries and an unforgettable stay.

Our home finished building in 1974 and since then we have been living here. The house was built by Sabri, his father and brothers. It was build during the communism regime and it still is mostly all original from that time. When you get inside the house it looks like you just took a step back to that time, especially when you see the guest room, the old TV (Albanian made) and cupboard cabinet. 

The house is build by stones and it has a stony roof, all being original from the time it was built. Stones to build the house were gathered in the stream nearby the house and the roof stones are from up the mountains. The wood used was mainly gathered from the forests around the village and it is mostly pine.