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Your Dream Vacation is Here

Enjoy Some You-Time

The perfect place to spend time with the family or friends under a great atmosphere created by the hosts. Plenty of surroundings to visit in the village, filled up with unforgettable histories. 

Room 1

The Perfect Surroundings

Rabdisht is well-known for the virgin nature and splendid mountains and forests. In the summer you will be magnified by the beauty of the village and the hospitality of the welcoming family and villagers.

Traditional Cuisine

Everything is cooked traditionally by the lady of the house. The food is home grown and ecological, produced by us without the use of any pesticide or anything else, starting from the fruits, nuts, potatoes, beans. 

traditional food

Documentary about Rabdisht from Top-Channel

"The man who built those houses are the best stone workers I have seen in my entire life! Magnificent! "
Austrian man
Austrian architect
Architect and traveller

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