Guest House Sabriu

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Much more than a Guest House! Sabriu Guest House is a unique experience that offers budget accommodation with many services. Here you will find traditional intertwined with modern. You will be treated like royalty and our traditional Albanian hospitality will make you feel home. We will tell you our secrets to discover our beautiful virgin region. We offer a friendly and great ambiance, areas for chill out and a great atmosphere. You will make discoveries and an unforgettable stay.

Guest House Sabriu

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Guest House Sabriu

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We are located in the center of the village and from there it's easy to get around. The house is furnished in an old Albanian fashion, with handmade carpets, tables and coaches. There is plenty of relaxing areas available, where you can enjoy drinking a coffee in the company of locals or privately.

There is a lot to do while you are here, like hiking in the mountains, riding a horse, enjoy the medieval stony houses and roads, go for a walk to the caves or the twin pines, from where you can enjoy the view of the whole village, etc. You can go for a picnic with your friends or family, or you can go camping on the mountains.


When and Austrian architect came to our village in late 90', he was amazed by the beauty of the stony houses and stated that: ``Those who build these houses, must be the best stone workers I have seen in my entire life!`` So, enjoy it!


Traditional Food

Here you will taste amazing traditional food of our zone and not only. The lady of the house is an expert when it comes to cooking and she can give you some advice on how to cook different meals you taste while you are there.


Ecological and home grown

Everything you will taste at our home is 100% ecological. Almost everything is home grown, as we farm food ourselves. You can enjoy a trip to our lands to see how the food is cultivated.

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Guest House Sabriu